7 Valuable Tips To Organize Corporate Event That The Attendees Will Remember For Years

Every once in a while, corporate event will usually hold for various purposes. The most common event that the corporations will hold every once in a year is the anniversary event. But, many businesses may hold various types of events throughout the years, such as event for product promotion, press release, company-sponsored entertainment, and so on.

As an event organizer, it is possible for you to create a corporate event that will leave long-lasting impression for your attendees. Depending on the way you plan the event, you will be able to make your corporate or business event successful, and moreover, the attendees will refer to your event for years. Here are 7 valuable tips to organize a corporate event that the attendees will remember for years:

1. Create A Fantastic Event By Inviting Reputable Speakers For It

A corporate or business event will not be able to get enough attention if it doesn’t invite reputable speakers for it. Sometimes, a corporation may even spend a really big budget just for inviting one reputable speaker as their main speaker for the event. This is because the speakers invited by the corporation or business can directly affect the company’s reputation as well.

This is why you have to invite reputable speakers to your corporate event if you want to make it memorable for your attendees. Pick the ones that have the expertise in the main topic for your event, and make sure that they have enough experience in the topic.

2. Send Personalized Invitations For Important People

Regular invitations may work for your attendees, but if you want to invite important people to your event, it is better for you to send personalized invitations to them. This is because personalized invitations will give the impression that your company respects these people, and it will also motivate these people to attend your event.

Of course, the more you invite important people as your VIP guests, the more people will be excited for your event. For your attendees, it will be an honor for them to attend an event with lots of important and reputable people in it.

3. Design Your Venue To Match The Event Concept

Before going through the usual process of event marketing and promotion, you should know exactly what your event is going to be. That’s why you need to design a concept for your event, and ensure that your concept is entertaining for your audience. If you want to discuss about business topics in your event, be sure to add more entertainment value to your event, so that your attendees will not get bored with the event.

Make an event concept that can instantly impress people and make them want to attend your event. Then, you have to design your venue to match your event concept, so that it gives a positive boost for your attendees when they actually come to your event.

4. Provide Enough Time For The Questions And Answers Session

A good corporate or business event will always have a good Q&A session. This is the time when you allow your audience to ask some questions to your event speakers, and then answer those questions to give them more information about the topic. The most common mistake that event organizers make when organizing a Q&A session for their business event is that they only provide a short amount of time for this session.

While the attendees might have a long list of questions to ask, it makes them feel disappointed if the time allotted for the Q&A session is only available for less than an hour. So, you shouldn’t make the same mistake by providing enough time for the Q&A session at your corporate event.

5. Use The Company Brand In The Corporate Event

Remember that a corporate event is the best time for the business to promote their brand to their audience. By using the company brand in the corporate event, they can show their audience the positive side of the company. This is especially true if you provide a good value for the audience at your event, since your audience will remember your company brand for a long time after the event.

So, be sure not to miss the branding part of the event, and ensure that your company brand stands out throughout the event. If possible, you can put the company brand in each strategic place, and ensure that your audience can see it clearly. In this way, not only can you make them impressed with the quality of your event, they can also respect your brand more.

6. Give A Thank You Gift For Each Attendee

People can forget about your event in just a few days, so you have to give them something that can help them to remember about your event. One of the best things to do is to allocate your budget to prepare for the thank you gift for your event attendees. In this way, your audience will not leave your event venue with bare hands.

When you give something to your audience as a thank you gift for attending your event, your audience will appreciate it, and they will likely keep your thank you gift for a long time. Don’t forget to brand your thank you gift with your company logo, and you can also make it exclusive to add more value to your gift.

7. Follow Up Your Event Via Email

Of course, you don’t want to lose your audience forever after attending your event. So, it is a good strategy for you to follow up your event via email. In this way, you will be able to keep getting in touch with your audience in the future.

By sending follow up emails and thanking them for attending your event, your audience will know that you care about them. Also, you can use the follow up emails to inform your audience about the next event, or let them know about the company products, services, and other promotions.

Minimum Budget Event Organize in 8 Ways

Is there any way to cut your budget while ensuring that your event will be a success? The biggest problem that most event organizers have is the problem related to the budget. Sometimes, due to minimum budget, an event organizer may not be able to promote their events properly, or even provide a good performance for their event.

Not only that, organizing event with a low budget is something difficult to do, and even though you can somehow manage to do that, you will end up not having as big impact as you imagine. So, how can you organize your event with minimum budget? Can you still promote your event and get the best result from your promotion?

Well, the budget usually doesn’t matter. What matters is what you can do to make your event a success, despite the minimum budget that you have.

Here are 8 ways to organize your event with minimum budget:

1. Create An Event That Inspires Creativity

The best thing that you can do when you need to organize an event with minimum budget is not to think about the performers in your event. Instead, you should concentrate on the main concept of the event. This is because it is quite impossible to ask popular performers to perform at your event if you don’t have the budget to invite them.

So, the best thing is to create an event that can help to inspire creativity for your audience. This type of event is usually loved by young people. It is low cost and can potentially attract more audience to your event. If you want to hold a music event with this idea, you can invite various indie music artists to perform at your event.

2. Invite Artists Or Performers To Perform Freely At Your Event

If you can’t pay for the artists, which you obviously can’t do since you have very limited budget, then you can invite artists or performers to perform freely at your event. Why would they want to do that? The answer is that new artists of performers that are not yet popular might be willing to do that for their promotion.

By asking them to perform freely at your event, they will have the chance to promote their talent and make more people to notice about their skills. You can invite as many artists as you can, but you have to ensure that these artists are well-performing artists that won’t let you down.

3. Invite Various Sponsors For Your Event

Now that your budget is low, which can only cover the basic needs for the event, it’s time for you to attract some sponsors for your event. Remember that if the event is popular enough in the area, it will not be too difficult to find some sponsors for your event. This is because local brands and companies will usually search for an opportunity to promote their products and services.

So, by inviting them to sponsor your event, you will be able to help them get the promotion that they want, and also, you get some additional funds to pay for your expenses.

4. Promote Your Event Using Free Marketing Channels

It is impossible to use expensive marketing campaigns if you don’t have the budget for it, so it is a good idea to list some free marketing channels that you can use to promote your event. You can create a free website, promote your event with social media, create YouTube videos for your promotion, and do some partnerships with institutions or schools to help promote your event.

The focus is to get the word spread about your event, so that more and more people in your area can find out about the event easily.

5. Make The Ticket Price Cheap

With the performances that you provide at the event, it is quite impractical if you price your ticket too expensive. Also, considering that your audience probably consists of young people and college students, it will be more important for you to set your ticket price as low as possible.

Just remember to think about the expenses that you need to pay, and the profit that you want to make when pricing your event ticket. The less the audience needs to pay, the more they are willing to attend your event.

6. Sell On The Experience Instead Of Performers

When you hold a big event with popular performers, you can easily highlight the performers as your main selling point for your event. But, when you organize an event with minimum budget, you cannot do that. You have to highlight on the experience that your audience will get as your main selling point.

So, instead of focusing on the performers that will participate in your event, you have to focus on the experience that your audience will get from the event. This is the way to promote your event properly.

7. Partner With The Venue Owner

Do you have low budget and unable to pay for a good venue for your event? Don’t worry, as you can always partner with the venue owner to subsidize the venue cost for your event. For the venue owner, your event can be a good way to promote their business as well. So, pick your venue properly.

You can hold your event at the hotel, school, university, cafe, or other public places, provided that you get permission from the owner or the authorities to hold an event there. Of course, you don’t always need to pay the venue full price, since you can always partner up with the venue owner to help promote their business.

8. Ask Your Audience To Spread The Word About Your Event

This is a good event marketing strategy that you can use in your event promotion. You simply ask your social media followers or the people around the area to spread the word about your event. This can help you to attract more audience to your event without spending any money for your marketing.

Also, you can create a special hashtag for your event, so that people around the area can tweet or post the hashtag in their social media page. This way, people can easily find out about the event and you can attract more attendees for your event.

Outdoor Music Event, 7 Simple Tips To Get It Successful

Holding an outdoor music event is different from holding an indoor. You need to prepare the event differently. You also need to ensure that  you can handle certain problems properly, such as bad weather, uncontrollable crowd, event registration, and so on.

Whether you want to hold a small or a big outdoor music event, you need to ensure that your event will get success. And it can attract as many attendees as possible.

Here are 7 simple tips for a successful outdoor music event:

1. Choose Your Location Properly

Your event success will depend on your event location. So you have to ensure that the location is comfortable for the event organizers and the audience.

You should pick the location that is strategic and well-known in the area. Don’t pick the location in the remote area which people have difficulty to access. You also need to ensure that the location is not dangerous.

2. Choose The Best Event Time

Choose the good time to enjoy outdoor activities, such as during the holidays or on the weekends. It is good to pick a day time for your outdoor event, since the enthusiasm of the people to attend the event will usually be doubled when it is held at the day time.

However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot hold your outdoor event at night. When choosing a night time, you should pick the weekend or the night before holiday to hold a night outdoor music event.

3. Double-check On The Stage Installation

With the outdoor music event, you have to build the whole stage manually. So ensure that you check the stage installation at least twice. You don’t want to have any problem with the stage. This is especially true if your artists or bands will likely pick some audiences to come on stage.

You need to know the maximum audience that can be on stage at the same time. And you have to know whether it is durable of the music performance. Also, be sure that your stage is designed professionally, since you don’t want the event stage to look bad on camera.

4. Make Sure That The Sound System Can Reach Far And Wide

It is your responsibility to ensure that all audience can hear the sound.

You also need to check the music quality of the sound from all directions. Ensuring that people get the best listening experience from the music performance. This is the main focus that you need to have to ensure the success of your outdoor music event.

5. Calculate The Space Capacity

Even though you already have a good ticketing, there is still a chance that you will be overcrowded by your audience. In an outdoor event setting, you need to know that there will be some people who are trying to skip the registration step.

So, you need to have a good crowd control team that will work to dispel such people from entering the area. Also, you need to calculate the expected attendees very well, and give them enough space to move within the area while keeping look crowded enough. This is especially important if your audience will be standing the entire time.

6. Choose The Music That Is Good For Outdoor Listening

Some types of music are suitable only to be listened in an indoor setting. So, it is important to pick the playlist that is suitable for outdoor listening.

Also, be sure to keep it in harmony with the event time as well. The idea is to keep your audience pumped during the music performances,  it can be quite easy to keep the enthusiasm of the audience if you can pick the right music for them.

7. Don’t Forget To Livestream Your Outdoor Music Event

Outdoor music events are perfect for livestreaming, and it is perfect to promote your event organizer brand at the same time. So, use livestreaming process of your event and catch as many expressions from the audience as possible. Highlight good moments between the artists and the audience, and ensure that you can show all the euphoria in your music event.

The better your livestream, the better it will be for your event promotion. So, be sure not to miss the chance to capture every moment of your outdoor music event with livestreaming.

As an additional tip, you should also ask the artists and bands to interact with your audience a lot. This is one of the most effective ways to pump their enthusiasm during the event. Also, ask the artists to create a session when they will ask some of the attendees to come up on stage.

This will further make your event look interesting, and when you do a livestream for your music event, this moment can really sell your next events quite easily.

10 Reasons Why Your Audience Ignore Your Event Promotion And What To Do With It

As an event organizer, the challenge in promoting your events lies in the way your audience reacts to your promotion. If they are positive about your event promotion, then you can be sure that your event will be a success, since many people will decide to attend and buy the tickets for it. In many case, many audience ignore the negative promotions.

However, when your audience ignore your event promotion, then it might be a sign that your event will get a failure, and only a few people will decide to attend your event.

Don’t worry. There are certain reasons why your audience chooses to skip or ignore your event promotion. It is almost guaranteed that you will turn your not-so-successful event promotion into a successful one.

Here are 10 reasons why your audience ignore your event promotion and what to do with it:

1. You are promoting at the wrong time.

Promoting your event at the right time will make the best impact. If you promote your event at the wrong time, then people will tend to ignore your event promotion. This is because they cannot prepare for the event, or it is still too early for them to book for a ticket.

Solution: Time your promotion properly if you want to get the best response in your marketing campaign.

2. You are promoting to the wrong audience.

It’s the same as promoting your event at the wrong time. When you promote your event to the wrong audience, don’t expect them to respond well to your promotion. For instance, promoting a rock music event to pop music lover, or promoting a jazz event to rock music fans.

Solution: It is very important for you to research your audience first before starting the marketing campaign for your event. This is the important reason why you get Audience Ignore.

3. Your event promotion is not too interesting and make Your Audience Ignore it.

The essence of marketing is to attract people’s interest toward your product or service. So, if you can’t make your event promotion interesting, then don’t blame the audience for not responding to your promotion. Using a boring design in your ads might be the reason behind your promotional flop.

Solution: So, it’s imperative that you are making your promotion as interesting as possible, matching it with your target audience.

4. The ticket price is too expensive.

For instance, you are about to hold a rock music event next month, and your competitor is about to hold a jazz music event at the same time. But, your ticket price is twice more expensive than for the jazz music event. Considering that you are not providing any added value in your event, people will tend to go to the jazz music event since they can get the best value for their money.

Solution: If you price your ticket too expensive, even the biggest music fans will think twice before they decide to attend your event.

5. Your event promotion is too repetitive.

The biggest mistake that you can make in your event promotion is having lack of variety in your promotion. Think about it like this. If you use the same ad template for all of your promotions across various platforms, people will tend to get tired of your promotion. When it is the case, they will ignore your marketing campaign and put a bad reputation for your brand.

Solution: So, try to have some variations in your promotion. Promote your event differently in different platforms and try to be creative in writing your promotional.

6. You are promoting your event using the wrong channels.

You want people to notice that there is an event to be held in the next few weeks, but you are promoting it using bad promotional methods. For instance, don’t expect people to respond well to your event if you are promoting it by sending spam emails, using pop-up advertisements in illegal websites, or writing spam comments on various blogs and social media discussions.

Solution: You have to use the right channels for your marketing campaign.

7. You don’t send the message across.

When promoting your event, it is important for you to write and communicate your marketing message clearly. It is very important because an ambiguous marketing message will make your audience get confused.

Solution: You have to ensure that your marketing message is clear and easy to understand for your audience.

8. You don’t connect with your audience.

You want your audience to attend your event, but you don’t connect properly with them in your event promotion. You never respond to your audience or you keep ignoring them in your social media communications. You have to ensure that you are communicating with your audience properly, since communication is a part of your marketing campaign.

Solution: If you want them to respond to your marketing messages, you have to be responsive to them as well.

9. Your audience doesn’t know your event organizer brand.

Usually, people will ignore your event promotion because they don’t know you as an event organizer. Perhaps, there are other popular event organizers running a similar promotion as you. Then, your audience chooses to respond to their promotion instead. This is because they feel more familiar with those brands.

Solution: The only way you can fix this is to build your brand reputation gradually, so that more and more people know and trust your brand.

10. It is too much hassle to purchase a ticket for your event.

You’ll end up being ignored by the audience, if you make it difficult for your audience to purchase the ticket. You know, perhaps there are many people who are interested to attend your event, but you make it difficult for them to do it.

Solution: It is very important for you to use a system that allows your audience to purchase your ticket on the spot once they see your ads on line. You need to also ensure that the purchasing process as smooth.

7 Important Rules To Keep A Good Reputation For Your Music Venue

Running an event organizer business has a lot to do with building good reputation for your business. Just like any other businesses, the better your brand reputation, the more people will trust to do business with you. If you are an event organizer that has organized a lot of music events, it is important for you to keep a good reputation for your music venue.

Why is it important? That’s because your music venue is where your music events will be held, and unless people feel comfortable with it, people will not want to go to your music events. Besides, building a reputation for your music venue will help to build a good reputation for your business as well, as it is the representation of your business.

A good event organizer will do all the things necessary to give the best service for their attendees. They will prepare their music venue so that it will be comfortable for both the attendees and the artists. So, after knowing the importance of the good reputation of the music venue for your business.

Here are 7 important rules to keep a good reputation for your music venue:

1. Be Responsive To Any Business Communication From The Talent Management

For most event organizers, they are actually doing business with the talent management that want to create shows for their artists, bands, and musicians. These talent management companies are usually your partner in the industry, since they make it possible for you to make money in this business. Without any performances to show, there will be no music events. So, you have to treat your business partner properly.

You need to be responsive to their communications, and give priority response whenever they need your answers. The more you respect the talent management companies, the more trust that they will give to your business. In return, they will give you a lot more music shows to hold using your music venue. Besides, by being responsive to their communication, you are eliminating any misunderstandings that may happen between the two parties.

2. Organize Your Ticketing Process Automatically

The worst thing you can do is to make it difficult for the event attendees to book the tickets for your music event. It is really a bad thing if you still use manual transaction method for your ticketing system. Nowadays, everything can be automated, and if you want to earn enough respect for your music event, you have to make the ticketing process automatic for your attendees.

Also, you have to organize your ticketing process into one simple dashboard to make it easy for you to know the progress of your ticket sales. You want to know how many tickets have been sold, and how many tickets are still remaining.

3. Make The Process Of Booking And Attending Your Music Event Seamless

The booking process is not the only thing that you need to pay attention to. You also need to pay attention to the people who want to attend your music event on the event date. You know that in the event date, there will be thousands of people who are coming to your music venue all at the same time.

If you don’t know how to control the crowds, you will get a lot of disappointing looks from your attendees. So, make sure that the booking and attending process are simple enough to follow, so that the crowds of people will not have any difficulty to access your event venue, or to simply park their cars.

4. Always Provide A Detailed Information About Your Music Shows

Without a detailed information about your music shows, people will not know what they will expect from your event. They will even think that your music event is not a good place to attend. Since you don’t give the information about the event in details, people don’t know how much the ticket will cost, or whether there are VIP seats available.

They will also not know how long the event will take place, or how big the crowd is to be expected. So, give as much information as possible for your music event, so that people will not be confused before they decide to attend your event.

5. Make Your Music Venue Clean And Comfortable For A Good Reputation

The music venue, or the place where the event takes place, should be clean and comfortable for your attendees. They should feel at ease in enjoying your event for hours in there. You need to ensure that there are no trashes left in the venue before the event takes place. Also, you need to ensure that all the seats, stage, and equipment are in good condition.

You don’t want to present some torn seats to your attendees. You want everything to be good and perfect for your attendees, who have paid money to attend your event, to feel comfortable with your music event.

6. Always Be Ready To Move When Necessary

You need to have your teams ready at the event venue, so that they can move when necessary. For instance, you have to put a security team, sound quality team, cleaning team, guest service team, and other teams to be ready at their respective place. When necessary, they need to be ready to do things that they are asked to do immediately.

For instance, if there are some troublemakers, you need to have your security team ready to handle the situation. Or, when the attendees start coming to your music venue, your guest service team should be ready to greet them and handle their tickets.

7. Provide The Best Sound And Performance Quality

Last but not least, your music event is all about providing the best musical experience for your audience. People who attend your music event need to be satisfied with the musical performance that you provide to them. So, make sure that you are checking the sound quality for the event multiple times before the event start.

Also, you need to train the artists to give their best performance at the event. You want people to come home from your event feeling satisfied that they have seen their favorite artists or musicians giving their best performance for their fans.