10 Steps to Plan a Nonprofit Event

A nonprofit event is quite stressful to arrange. Generally, such an event doesn’t promise a ROI hence it is hard to get people inspired to spend for the fund of the event. Fundraisers have to raise enough money for covering the event’s cost and also some more.  You must inspire every donor to donate more to raise fund. Fundraising ideas must be such that it creates an emotional impact on attendees to inspire them to donate in the fund. The idea must be a perfect one that will be appropriate according to the purpose of the event.

Treasure hunt:

This one is a good idea to raise fund. There are many apps that combine augmented reality with a real life experience on a device. Such apps can be used for treasure hunt. This is a top fundraising idea. Such games are quite popular and will get people attracted to the cause.

Silent disco:

Creating noise for fun and entertainment is not what we are talking about. A silent disco will also cost less money and will help you in arranging your
nonprofit event. There is no need of a professional DJ. Preparing a killer playlist is all that is needed. This one is not a very tough job. Anyone can do this one without much hassle. What is needed is headphone for all attendees. This is the most required feature of a silent disco. Provide every attendee with a headset when they enter the disco area.

Neighborhood street party:

This is an idea that is best for raising fund for a nonprofit event like a community or a local cause, like a natural calamity. One can also mention items that can be donated or are most required, like food and drinks.


This is a good option when it comes to raising fund for a nonprofit event. This is a timeless way for the purpose. It can be made special with some features different than others. A unique location and a costume can be the striking features that will help your fundraising event to stand out.


Non profit event dinning table.

This idea can be made to stand out with a color. Color code in the dinner will help it to be different. If you think that the budget is too high, the dinner can be turned into a picnic in a beautiful park. This will bring the cost down while raising money for the fund of your nonprofit event.

Pricing of a nonprofit event:

In many cases, organizers choose a strategy called cost plus strategy. In this case the price is more than the cost. If an event is thrown at a price of $100 per attendees, they decide how much profit they want. They add this profit and decide the price. Though it helps in fund raising, it is not focused at the attendees. When the price is set higher than the cost, the event must be worth it. The attendees must not feel that it is not such an event to pay the money. The best option is a value based pricing. This helps in putting the attendees in the centre. This is a way that helps in designing long run economic model that is best for the event.

Promotion and marketing of nonprofit events:

Any event will be successful when it is sold out. If you want your nonprofit event to be sold out, the promotional strategy must be a unique one. You need to reach out to people and get them interested and involved in your event. You have to invest in marketing. When it is a nonprofit event, investment must be done carefully.

Investment must be done in places from where gains will be the highest or you may not be succeeded. If you are thinking of marketing your event on social media platform you must do it in the right place. It is necessary to find out where potential attendees are spending most of their time. Once you find the right spot, your investment will pull up fund for your cause. Take help of web analytics to find out channels that brought most traffic to the registration or ticketing page of your last event. Focus on channels that performed better than others and always keep an eye on registrations and sales.

Recruiting and training your volunteers:

In nonprofit events, you cannot afford to pay people for service. They must volunteer it. But this does not mean that this matter will be taken lightly as no money is involved. Manpower is needed to run any event properly. The attendees can turn into volunteers. People who have registered earlier are the ones who can help. Use mails and ask them to volunteer in your nonprofit event. In this way, they will feel involved in the cause and it will be easier to get them interested in next events also.

An accessible event:

In case of a nonprofit event, this is must. Accessibility will make more numbers of attendees come to the event. It must be properly organised for people who have visual disabilities or are hard of hearing or use a wheelchair. Any event lacking proper arrangement for such people can never be an accessible one. There must be enough space for people with wheelchair as they will occupy more space than other people. There must signage. The signs must be clearly visible and you must place them at different heights for all people to see. Clearly marking the inclines or stairs will help to avoid problems for attendees with any kind of impairment.


Once the vent is over, your responsibility does not end. Feedback of attendees is important to know how the event did fare. There are many online tools and other options that will help you to do this. It is better to ask multiple choice answers as attendees won’t have to waste much time. It must be sent quickly as attendees will answer readily. Always remember to keep the survey short so that people do not refrain from answering due to time issues.

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